Hi, I'm Venita.


I live in a world where Love and Peace prevail, and people are free to shine the beautiful light that is their soul.  I’ve had a life full of experiences that have affirmed my belief that everything happens for a reason, and has the potential to shape us into more resilient, compassionate beings. Sometimes we just need a little support finding our way through the muck and back to ourselves.

Rarely being one to take the travelled path, I began to seriously pursue my calling as a healer in 2007, when I dove into a three year Holistic Health Studies program at Langara College.  As a Certified Integrative Energy Healer, I’ve been acknowledged for my gentle, mindful and compassionate approach to healing.


I know the importance of finding balance in our modern day lives- as imbalances in our spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic bodies can often be at the root of physical dis-ease.


When I am not walking amongst the trees, hoola hooping on the beach, or collaborating on community projects- you can find me at home, creating delicious nourishment in the kitchen, dreaming of new adventures, and cozying up by the fire with my super cosmic husband Alan, and our tiger-esque cat Bailey.